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How to use your Camia

Trocar as tiras da sua base clássica é tão fácil quanto amarrar o cadarço. Siga nossos três passos fáceis para usar sua Sandália Camia. Siga as imagens abaixo para entender melhor as diferentes possibilidades que você tem!

1. Choose your favourite base

We have two options for the base: Camel or Black. They are both identical in shape, functionality and comfort. Made with high quality leather and a foam insole.

2. Explore a variety of straps

Find the perfect straps for your looks. We have diversity of textures and colors on our straps that suit either day or night! Remember, all of our straps are made from fashion scraps!

3. Get Creative

Mix and Match all of your Camia straps, there are hundreds of possible combinations! It's up to you to decide how you want to wear them.

What can I change on my Classic Sandal Base?

Designed with versatility in mind, our base sandal features three interchangeable parts: the ankle strap, middle foot strap and front strap. Transform your look effortlessly by swapping these components and customizing your sandal to suit any occasion or outfit. See the images below for a better understanding.

1. Adjustable Ankle Strap

Simply insert the adjustable strap into the eyelet located on the heel grip of the base sandal. Then, adjust the buckle on your ankle as you would do with any other shoe.

2. Changeable Front Strap

This strap has two hooks on each end. Before wearing the sandal, attach each hook to one of the buckles located on the sides of the classic sandal's base front part. To remove it, take off the sandal first.

3. Changeable Gladiator Strap

Align the sandal's button with your strap's button until it clicks. Secure gladiator style/long straps by passing them through the heel grip eyelet, tying them around your ankle and leg. For 'bracelet middle' straps, pass them like a bracelet from the toes to the middle of the sandal until align it with the sandal's bottom button until it clicks.

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