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Camia, a unique concept of interchangeable sandals
Camia, a unique concept of interchangeable sandals

Camia, a unique concept of interchangeable sandals

The Camia Swap Sandals, your best travel companion

The origins of the Camia concept lie in the exchange of ideas of a creative designer and passionate entrepreneur. 

"Catalina, a creative designer, has always been a shoe and jewerley lover, that for years had dreamed on merging both of her passions. Carolina, a passionate entrepreneur, found herself in the situation were for her wedding, she needed different shoes for several outfits and couldn't fit all what she needed in one bag. So she thought, 'if I had one pair of sandals, that I could change the straps, it would be perfect: packing one shoe and many straps, to match everything'. With this idea lingering, they both had a call, they share ideas, and it that first call they both new they were onto something. After that date, they have both been working together on the perfect pair of sandals, that with a simple hooks and a bottom under the sole, changes drastically!"

How to transform your Camia swap sandals

That's how Camia Swap Sandals were born. They were conceived out of a strong desire to offer all women shoes that are comfortable, attractive, practical and versatile. 

Our versatile sandals guarantee a small footprint for maximum choice. Travel light but remain chic and beautiful with Camia sandals. We recommend that you take just one pair of sandals with you when you travel and several straps that way you are certain that any outfit you wear will have that special touch.

Travel with changeable shoes

Change style in the blink of an eye with a single pair of shoes

Looking to complete all of your outfits without having to buy 12 pairs of shoes? 

Camia interchangeable sandals are designed for that, they are versatile. From a single sandal base, you can modulate your look according to your mood, the trend or your favourite color; explore your creativity. 

Mix and match your outfits playfully by simply changing the straps on your sandals. Go from a sober/elegant, with our camel leather sandals match with a caparica casual strap, or an atenas strap for a chic and sophisticated evening look by adding a shiny and golden long strap to a gold gladiator straps. In just a few seconds, it's done! You've kept the same pair of shoes and radically changed your look! Isn't it magical to be able to keep your comfortable shoes and change your style so easily?

Discover our Camia straps collection

Comfort without loosing any style

When we designed our interchangeable/swap sandals, comfort was one of our top priorities. We designed these shoes to be worn a lot and for a long time. So it was essential to chose an ultra-comfortable sole.

That's why we've equipped our shoe bases with a sole made from EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate), 1 cm thick insole to guarantee comfort when you wear them.

In addition, the wider front of our models allows your toes to breathe freely. And the wide, lightweight heel provides excellent stability. Your feet will thank you at the end of the day!

A concept based on the principle of sustainability

Camia wants to tackle one of the objectives of the United Nations for Sustainable Development: Goal 12. Responsable consumption and production aims to reduce the waste we are generating. Starting from an alarming assessment of our current lifestyles, Camia is committed to minimizing its impact on the planet. But how can we do this?

Durable and sustainable

Convinced that fashion and sustainability are compatible, Camia works to offer responsible footwear: sandals that are interchangeable, reusable and uses up-cycled straps. 

Consume less but better, that's Camia's motto. Offering a wide choice of styles in a single pair of shoes, isn't that an innovative and sustainable concept. 

With this idea, Camia encourages women to buy less but better for longer. By buying just one pair of shoes and a few accessories, you'll have the impression of having several different models while keeping the same pair of shoes. It becomes a new way of consuming, gentler and more respectful of the environment.

High-quality, durable materials

Camia shoes are made from materials carefully selected by the atelier. From leather to EVA soles, all materials are of the highest quality, sourced exclusively from European countries, Spain or Portugal.

These top-quality materials guarantee durability over time. They wear less and last much longer than a standard pair of sandals. (off course it's important to highlight that the durability always depends of the use.)

Production in a family shoe workshop in Portugal

Camia is proud to manufacture its shoes in a family-run workshop in northern Portugal. It works for the finest French and European fashion brands. Their expertise over the past 40 years is unrivaled, and a guarantee of quality. Telma and Manuel, who have been working in the fabric for years, immediately saw the Camia concept as a great opportunity to design a quality product with the aim of promoting responsible consumption.

Up-cycled accessories for virtuous production

Camia's straps are up-cycled by hand by Portuguese craftsmen. They are made from scraps of leather or fabric destined to be thrown away. This up-cycling method makes it possible to create value-added products from existing materials. These accessories are a way of showcasing Portuguese craftsmanship and know-how while manufacturing them responsibly. This virtuous production method enables Camia to minimize its impact on the planet and use a sustainable production method.

Learn more about upcylcing

Changeable long yellow strap upcycled fabric

Camia, by virtue of its concept, its mode of production and the responsible consumption it encourages, is in essence sustainable. Thanks to its interchangeable sandals, women can find the perfect shoe for every occasion with a single model.

So, are you ready to create your own pair Camia Swap Sandals?

Free returns if shoes do not fit perfectly.


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