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5 Tips For The Perfect Wedding Week-end Shoes
5 Tips For The Perfect Wedding Week-end Shoes

5 Tips For The Perfect Wedding Week-end Shoes

Discover how to choose comfortable shoes for a wedding week-end

You've been invited to the wedding of some very good friends and you're looking for THE pair of elegant shoes that will match your outfits. Before rushing into the stores, it's worth asking yourself a few questions. What season is the wedding? Where will it take place? Your outfit won't be the same on the beach, in a vineyard or in town. Is there a dress code or theme set by the bride and groom? Does the wedding take place over several days? Pay attention to all these details on the invitation or ask the bride-to-be all the questions. They'll give you valuable pointers. You'll be able to plan your outfit(s) and find the perfect pair of chic shoes for your next wedding. 

Continue to read and discover our tips and tricks!

To take in mind before choosing your comfortable women's wedding shoes 

Once you have in mind the ‘vibe’ of the event and its general theme (classic, rock, bohemian, country or color-related), you can start looking for the perfect and comfortable women's shoes that will be your ally during the whole weekend. Don’t forget to adapt your outfits to your destination, the season and the chosen theme. 

If your wedding takes place during European summer months from May to September, here are a few criterias to help you choose a nice pair of comfortable chic sandals:

  1. Shoe type: open-toe shoes are best for hot weather, when your feet tend to swell. Chic, comfortable heeled sandals will be your allies during the ceremony. Plus, you'll be glad you don't have to worry about your comfort during the cocktail party or the speech if you're the bridesmaid! 

  2. Material: we advise you to opt for breathable materials like soft leather shoes, which will, as its name says, allow your feet to breathe. It's important that you feel comfortable in your shoes all day long. 

  3. Heels: we suggest you choose sandals with low heels or medium heels. More specifically, women's sandals with a 5 cm heel are ideal for your comfort. High enough to make you look chic, and low enough to make you feel comfortable. Your posture will be more balanced and stabilized: you'll feel totally confident. Choose sandals with small, square heels for greater stability. They'll also prevent you from sinking into the lawn if the cocktail party takes place in a pretty park or garden! For your comfort and your back, do not exceed 5 cm. Heels that are too high can cause back pain and break your posture. 

  4. The soles: opt for soles thicker than the average, that act like a ‘cushion’ this way you will feel good in your shoes. Our Camia interchangeable sandals are designed with a recyclable 1 cm thick EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) insole, making you feel like you are walking on clouds. This material guarantees exceptional comfort to dance all night long!

  5. Straps: like a fashion accessory, they'll pimp your look to add that final touch. Express your personality by choosing the straps you prefer, they could be black, brown, gold or even glitter! 

Wedding guest shoes straps

Just in Case Tips:

💡 Tip no. 1: Sometimes, the friction of leather on your skin can cause blisters. To avoid suffering unnecessary pain, we recommend that you take a few bandages with you in case small blisters form. 

💡 Tip no. 2: If your shoes have a thin sole, equip yourself with half insoles that fit in the front of your shoes. Some half-soles are made of transparent silicone, so you can insert them even in sandals or barefoot shoes. They'll help you feel good in your heels all night long! 

💡 Tip no. 3: Have another pair of shoes ready in case something goes wrong with the first pair.

💡 Tip no. 4: Last but not least, if the event lasts several days, you'll certainly need other outfits and therefore a second or third pair of comfortable, elegant shoes.

Did you know? Camia's Swap Sandals allow you to change your looks with just one pair of shoes in your suitcase? It has interchangeable straps that give you the possibility to create different outfits and the best part is, our sandals also have small, comfortable square, 5 cm heels! Long story short: They give you total flexibility to create endless outfits! You can, literally, change your style at the last minute, depending on your mood or your accessories.  


By changing straps, Camia Swap Sandals allow you to use them for several occasions, such as the office, an evening out, lunch on the beach, a gala, or the wedding of very good friends. They can be adapted to all the circumstances of your life. So you can reuse them after your event, and save money in the process. 

Back to your best friend's week-end wedding, they have decided to celebrate their wedding for three days. First night is a chic cocktail, second night a white party and the third night, the most special day: a very elegant wedding. 

Black sandals with silver straps and glitter straps for the wedding cocktail party

Black sandals with silver straps and glitter straps for the wedding cocktail party

If your wedding cocktail party is going to be chic, opt for a mauve 20s-style dress. This elegant, fun and sexy outfit will show off your curves and legs. Black sandals with blue satin straps and changeable sequined straps will complete this chic and sophisticated look. These Camia Swap Sandals are THE best choice for comfortable women's shoes to wear to a wedding week-end.

Discover our ideas for chic and elegant wedding looks.

Black sandals with straps and gold straps for the welcome white party

Black sandals with straps and gold straps for the welcome white party

For your themed evening, choose a color or style that matches that of the wedding. This time, the bride and groom have decided to organize a themed evening to welcome their guests. The guests will all be dressed in white, while the bride and groom will be dressed in color. This color will only be revealed at the reception. A nod to Camia's native Colombia, where this tradition is widely practiced.

Opt for a wildly chic outfit in ecru tones. To go with this strong piece, black leather heeled sandals will match your dress perfectly! Add our interchangeable atenas straps and interchangeable gold elastic straps to dress up your formal shoes in style.

Heeled sandals with long black straps for an ultra-glamorous wedding look

Heeled sandals with long black straps for an ultra-glamorous wedding look

Create your ultra-glamorous outfit with our interchangeable heeled sandals for your friends' wedding. With Camia interchangeable sandals, you can create your "Total black" look with our black leather interchangeable sandals. Pair this sandal base with our front midnight straps and black Midnight long straps. So you can dance the night away looking stunning! Just don't steal the bride's thunder 🙂

Overall, one pair of sandals, different straps and beautiful dresses are your perfect allies for your best friend's wedding week-end ❤️. 

Wedding guest women's shoes

To sum up, here's a short list of tips to help you make your choice:

  1. Choose sandals or open shoes during the high season to let your feet breathe.
  2. Don't skimp on the quality of materials, such as soft leather shoes to avoid any pain or blisters.
  3. Choose thick EVA soles for maximum comfort.
  4. Choose women's sandals with 5 cm heels to be both comfortable and sexy.
  5. Choose supple leather straps for added comfort.

With these different criteria and a selection of looks, you'll finally be able to find your pair of comfortable women's wedding shoes with an original and elegant style.

➡️ I want to create my perfect pair of sandals for my next wedding!

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